Sunday, October 17, 2010

Linux Day: Fedora 13 Media shipped

I had the chance to handle the requests for Fedora Media from LUGs and other organizing committees for the upcoming Linux Day, which is an important event in Italy scattered in more than 100 cities.

The Italian ambassadors team received a dozen direct requests for support with marketing material, which is nice given (as far as I know) we did absolutely nothing to promote the availability of such material.

Even if we favoured the events where Ambassadors are going to be present, we were able to send a small sample of what we had available (32 bit KDE Live CDs, 32 and 64bit DVDs) to all the requesters. 

Next year I definitely hope to improve by covering more events with our own ambassadors and by making sure we have a solid event kit in their hands!

Lesson learned:
  • We need to allocate Media and other material earlier
  • We need to understand how to request and use budget locally
  • We need ambassadors from souther regions (two candidates identified already!)

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