Friday, September 26, 2008

Buon compleanno!

Ormai è passato abbastanza tempo da essermene dimenticato (!) ma il il progetto Fedora ha appena festeggiato il suo quinto compleanno.


Il post di Paul W. Frields (Fedora project Leader) sull'evento

Il commento di InternetNews

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boot in 5 secondi

In un thread sulla mailing list fedora-devel dedicato al test di una nuova versione di readahead (il tool dedicato alla analisi e caching dei files letti durante il boot allo scopo di velocizzarlo), Arjan van de Ven ha annunciato che alla Linux plumbers conference terrà una presentazione su un sistema per fare modo che il boot duri 5 secondi!!! non vedo l'ora di sapene di più...

Il testo dell'abstract:
We simply refuse to accept that booting a netbook needs to take more than five seconds. We bite our nails and pull our hair every time we boot a Linux desktop system and wait for minutes before it's usable. We're so annoyed that between the time of submission and the plumbers conference, we will make our netbooks boot in 5 seconds, and even talk about how we did it.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Diagnosing pulseaudio problems

From a post on fedora-devel by Lennart Poettering, PulseAudio maintainer and developer, a recipe to diagnose PA problems:

On Sat, 30.08.08 14:58, Ahmed Kamal wrote:

> Hi,
> This is probably a bug. My laptop luckily suspends to disk and wakes up
> fine. However, after waking up there is no sound. I found pulseaudio not
> running. I started it manually and sound was there again. However, a second
> suspend/wakeup, and pulseaudio is still running, however there is no audio
> output too! Let me know if I need to run some experiments to get this fixed

This usually means that the driver is not following the ALSA
suspend/resume protocol correctly.

Please terminate PA by running "pulseaudio -k". Then, start pa in a
terminal via "pulseaudio -vvvv". Then suspend/resume, paste the output
of PA in that terminal.