Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Siemens SX763

I decided to try using VoIP at home and ended up buying a Siemens SX763 ADSL router to replace my trustworthy Linksys WAG200G.

Soon, I realized that something was really broken, because the router kept rebooting itself every few minutes: a quick google search shown I was not alone. Moreover, VoIP calls systematically dropped after 3:32 (see image) so I was quite disappointed and ready to throw away the new router...

Then a new firmware come out, supposedly fixing the VoIP issue so I installed it and... nothing changed. Fortunately I found in a german forum on the Siemens website that the README for the firmware update "forgot" to mention I had to perform a reset to factory defaults after the update: at least now VoIP is working.

On the other end, stability did not improve too much; look for example at my ADSL connection logs:

Where the longest connections are when I reattached the Linksys router... I was ready (again) to throw away the new router, when I discovered another update ( I wonder if they read my mind...

I hope this fixes the stability issues, otherwise I'm not sure I will wait for the next firmware release