Thursday, December 13, 2012

LinuxCon 2012 Barcelona Report

I am happy to host the report from the latest Italian Ambassador joining the program, Giuseppe Palestra,  who broke the ice by participating to the LinuxCon 2012 in Barcellona. Well done Giuseppe!

LinuxCon 2012 Barcelona Report

The conference started at 8:00 am with registration of attendees. Me and
the other fedora ambassadors (Alvaro and Ruth) arranged the booth and at
9:00am keynotes started. After the keynotes we waited at the booth for
contacting the conference visitors. After the keynotes I started
presenting myself to other people close to our booth, Red Hat people or
correlated Fedora Project people principally. There were a lot of
interesting talks during this day but I decided to partecipate only to a
little subset; the most interesting for me in LinuxCon was "Virtual
Machine snapshots: Overview and Illustration of Different Types of
Snapshots With libvirt/QEMU". In this day started also the Embedded
Linux Conference Europe 2012 and for me the most interesting talk was
The PF_ZIO: Using Network Frames to Convey I/O Data and Meta-Data hold
by an italian professor Alessandro Rubini.

A lot of stickers and about 30 DVD (Fedora 17) was distributed in this day.

6th November

The second day starts with keynotes at 9:00 am and at the end me and
other ambassadors were ready to speak with a lot of people at the
booth. People were very interested to our OLPC XO with Fedora, people
tried our operating system and appreciate it. In this day I follow 3
talks and the most interesting i for me were "Introduction to oVirt
Virtualization Management Platform." In the afternoon I attended the
dinner offered by Intel, at the dinner all attendees got surprised by
the participation of Linus Torvalds. :)

About 30 DVD distributed.

My experience at the booth of Fedora Project has ended, but my
commitment will continue...I knew a lot of enthusiastic fedora people,
especially from Italia, Russia, Finland, USA and with some of these I
entertain relationships about Fedora by email.
I will hope to attend at other conferences to see again the interesting
people I met in Barcelona.
Special thanks to Ruth and Alvaro.


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