Monday, May 21, 2007

Making suspend (and hibernate) just work

Richard Hughes announced in fedora-devel-list a really interesting new feature will be included in the upcoming Fedora 7. Quoting from the mail:

New in Fedora 7 we have the new pm-utils and hal-info dmi based matching
of suspend quirks. We are doing finer matching to the laptop make and
model, to make suspend (and more importantly resume) work for more

What this means:

* Some machines that suspended in FC6 might not work in F7
* Lots of machines that did not suspend in FC6 might work in F7

So, if you have to edit a file or add stuff to grub to get suspend
working in F7, that's a bug. This stuff should just work on the majority
or laptops.

So we now have all the pieces to get a realiable suspend/hibernate feature. What is still needed is a lot of contributors for new rules: if you feel like help ensuring your particular laptop can supend/hibernate (and even more importantly resume) properly, have a look at the linked site.