Tuesday, June 3, 2014

FUDCon APAC Beijing - day 2 (Robert Mayr)

The second day I was too pessimistic, the trip to the University was much faster as I believed and I also knew perfectly where I had to go, all this made me arrive 20-25 minutes earlier than expected. I was surprised that some people asked me about the websites and wanted to get more informations about contributing and what they need to know to start working. Seems my talk was not so bad, and making people more curious about websites was the goal I had, so hopefully we will have soon some APAC contributors again ;)
The morning was all dedicated to two important talks, the first one about Systemd, the second about Computing, Freedom and Privacy. Lennart Poettering did a generic talk about what systemd is and added some practical examples, he also kept his talk easly to understand for everyone.
After a short break and some lightning talks it was the turn of Richard Stallman, it's always nice to hear him speaking about free software.
In the afternoon I helped Ankur during his GPG key signing workshop, as the half of the attendees hadn't even a key or were using other operating systems...we had a lot of fun during this session and it's true that a GPG key signing party is a cool social event.
After I discovered that also the GNOME extensions session would have been in chinese I retired to another room to do some hacking, unfortunately nobody of the organisators thought about a hacking room where to get stuff done. After 40 minutes I went to the Fedora Women talk, held by Nitesh. It was funny that most of the attendees of this talk were men :)
Once finished we all went to the main room for the closing speech and the group foto. It was a big event because it was co-hosted, maybe it's a good idea to do the same also in the future, because not only organisators did a great work, but the whole event benefited from this.
After the closing of day 2 we went to the near Vision Hotel, where we had a great dinner. From noodles, to rice dishes, hotpot and Beijing duck, all you wanted to eat was there. It was really a very good ending dinner of one of the best FUDCons of the last years.

For me Beijing lasted another 2 days, I did some sightseeing in the next days and enjoyed the local meals and chinese friendliness. Hopefully I can return to Beijing soon, I liked it very much!

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