Tuesday, June 3, 2014

FUDCon APAC Beijing - day 1 (Robert Mayr)

When my alarm clock woke me up I was still very tired, but after a few minutes I realized I were in Beijing and had to go to the Beihang University for the first day of FUDCon. (yes I'm a lazy guy...)
The building is really impressive, and after registration I wanted to meet also the other guys who came to the event. I saw a lot of volunteers working around the booth and immediately thought that co-hosting the conference with GNOME.Asia was a very good idea, because it made the event much bigger.

After the Welcome Speech and a short overview of GNOME 3.12 held by Tobias Mueller, it was the turn of Jaroslav's and Jiri's Fedora Keynote. There were a lot of people who weren't contributors, so talking about Fedora.next was not very easy for them, but I think they presented it the right way and I really enjoyed it.

Once the Keynotes finished I went to another room where Nitesh talked about Fedora Videos. The talk was interesting although I already saw his talk at FLOCK in 2013.
After Nitesh it was my turn, I talked about Fedora Websites, what the websites team does and how the sites work. I explained also the build process and Internationalization, trying to keep the discussion as easy as possible to involve also the non-contributors who were listening. At the end I talked about the changes due to Fedora.next and showed some screenshots of how the Fedora websites will probably look like. People seemed very impressed and I was somewhat happy they appreciated the work we are doing.
For lunch we went to the students canteen, where we ate rice dishes and some vegetable. After the lunch...beer in the hotel :)

In the afternoon I listened to Aditya's talk about Ansible and Zamir Sun's brief introduction to firewalld. The last two talks I wanted to hear were in chinese, so I jumped from one to the others and finished with the lightning talks.

In the evening we went to a nice place near the University, therefore many young people were there and we had a lot of fun. The Steps Bar had probably the biggest pizza in Beijing, some nice Chicken Burgers and obviously....a lot of beer (the glass in the foto contains 3 liters)!!!

Evening was short, we had to catch the last subway, but I was also very tired.

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