Tuesday, October 23, 2012

FUDCon Paris 2012

Robert Mayr (robyduck)
Although I was the only italian guy who at the end decided to attend the FUDCon event in Paris, I enjoyed it very much and I hope to be present also at the next one. Let's see how it was for me:

Saturday 13th october, Day 1

I woke up at 3:15 am (!) and arrived at Paris Beauvais at 8:10 am. From there I moved to the city and before registering to the event I went to the Arc de Triomphe for taking a picture .

At the Eurosites George V I got my Fedora badge and started looking for some known faces, but the operation “matching Nickname -> face -> Real Name” was not very easy at the beginning.

As I didn’t know anyone (it was my first FUDCon) I decided to explore the rooms reserved for the talks, because the first day the main event in Eurosites George V Business Center was the Open Forum. Finally I went into the main room, where Robyn Bergeron was talking about her keynotes and where the most of the attendees were listening.

Generally I would say that the target of the first day where more the new users, while the other two days were more technical and dedicated to Fedora Contributors.

After the keynotes were finished I started presenting myself to as much guys as possible and so I slowly did the match nick/face/name, one of them was Kèvin Raymond who was so kind to host me at his apartment during the FUDCon event. It was really useful and nice speaking with the persons directly after having spent so much time chatting on IRC or Mailing List.

In the afternoon I decided to attend the talk held by Marek Jelen about Openshift, it was very interesting and I'll soon try to deepen the arguments which he talked about.
When finished I went to the Infrastructure talk (pingou or Pierre-Yves Chibon) and 'How to be a Leader in a non gerarchic structure' like the fedoraproject.org is (Christoph Wickert).

It was time to go around in Paris before going to Fudpub, so I started a little tour with Fabian and Gerold in which we met also the hungarian guys. We also decided to eat something before joining the others at Fudpub and then continued eating a lot of french Pizza and drinking 2-3 liters of beer...

 Sunday 14th october, Day 2

The second day was held in the Citè des Sciences and it was a very beautiful location. We started presenting the talks planned for the day and so I jumped all the day from a talk to another.

I attended the talk held by spot (Tom Callaway) about the end user experience and what we could expect from the future. It was quite interesting to hear his opinion about this topics. Obviously I heard the presentation of the websites team by shaiton (Kèvin Raymond) ad then also the XFCE environment by cwickert, who gave us also some background about the development of this DE.

I appreciated very much the swag session, where I got the necessary material for the event we are going to organize in Milan at the Linux Day. I'm able also to give some swags to other LD locations, where other ambassadors will held some talks about Fedora. Thank you Jiri and Robyn!

In the afternoon I attended the Kernel talk and then the discussion about EMEA ambassadors held by Fabian Affolter. As we actually have only one mentor we solved this problem proposing new mentors and this was very important. We also discussed about improvements of the mentoring process, because it should be easy to do but at the same time filter the candidates avoiding to have too much inactive ambassadors. In the end the only thing we can do is to try to do as much as possible, and events like the FUDCon are motivation to do more.

After the talks I departed, because monday I had to work, but thank's to the french organization team for this event. It was really nice and well organized, now I'm looking forward to next year...

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