Tuesday, March 8, 2011

#codemotion debriefing

After four editions, this year the Javaday event changed and become Codemotion, opening to all languages and technologies.

I trusted the advice of my newest colleague (thanks Luca!) and decided to participate. Additionally, I took the chance to propose a talk about RPM packaging and spread some Fedora love there. To be honest, I did not expect them to pick my proposal but then the email come and I was very excited by the prospect of talking in such a big event (some 2000+ people were expected).

The event was really successful, a lot of people showed up (of course that was somewhat an easy call since it was completely free-as-in-beer) and the organizers did a great job at handling the crowd; queues were very quick (except the one for the coffee, I did not manage to get any) and everything looked very professional and carefully planned.

I talked in the "OS & Hacking" track and was very happy to see about fifty people in the audience. The slides went on smoothly and I got some interesting questions, also after the talk, including the customary "is there any PPA like system in Fedora?"...

Later on, I found a Fedora and planet CCRMA avid user that was really surprised to hear I was doing that as a volunteer; I gave him my Fedora branded business card in case he wanted to start contributing in some way.

All in all, it was a great experience and I look forward to bringing even more Fedora (pun intended...) to this event next year.

Finally, I really need to thank Tom 'spot' Callaway for making some great starting material and to the Fedora Design team for a beautiful presentation template.

The slides (in Italian) are available in my fedorapeople space and slideshare


  1. Davvero molto interessante, avrei voluto partecipare. Mi chiedevo: è stata fatta una qualche registrazione delle varie conferenze? Perché per quanto l'argomento si possa capire dalle slide, manca ovviamente l'approfondimento :)

  2. Decisamente sì, sono stati fatte registrazioni di tutti i talk. Appena disponibile ne darò notizia

  3. anche su SlideShare non sarebbe male pubblicarli, no???

  4. Fatto: http://slidesha.re/i5Kvmn